Nestor Dias: 5 things you don’t know about me

posted in Specials by Sarthak Sharma on 2nd July 2020

posted in Specials

by Sarthak Sharma

on 2nd July 2020

Nestor Dias: 5 things you don’t know about me

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce that I have signed a new contract at FC Goa, and will get to entertain all of you as a part of the Developmental team once again.

If you already knew this information, I have some things that you perhaps did not know about me, so I’m excited to share it with you:

#5 I love watching movies

Just like a lot of you, I like to use my spare time chilling and specifically watching movies.

Since going to the cinemas isn’t possible during lockdown, I have been getting my movie fix by binging on Netflix!

#4 I do a lot of fishing

It is somewhat of a Goan tradition to go fishing, and I am no different. I love spending time fishing as it helps relax, destress and makes for a tasty meal!

Fishing responsibly is important, and can be a great activity to keep yourself going.

#3 Playing carrom

Perhaps a lot of kids these days haven’t even heard of it, but playing carrom is actually a lot of fun!

When I’m bored and relaxing with family and friends, playing some carrom can be a lovely activity to engage in, especially if you’re good at it!

#2 Playing mobile games

Lockdown has allowed more time to ourselves, and when you have a cellphone in your hand, what’s better than playing some games.

PUBG has really taken off in recent years, and games such as these are a great way to bond with friends even when you can’t physically be around each other.

#1 Spending time with family and friends

As a general rule, I make it a point to spend as much time as possible with my family. When I’m not playing football, I like to be around my family, and even my close friends.

Sometimes just being in the presence of people you can trust is a great feeling and I personally make sure I have enough time for those closest to me.